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Should You Spend Time and Money on SEO? | Dallas SEO Geek

Dallas SEO Geek http://www.dallasseogeek.com David Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something.  This is true for many parts of life — your business and internet marketing and search engine optimization included! Don’t assume that SEO is going to be something that will make you more money than it costs you once you start ranking well […]

Should You Spend Time and Money on SEO? | Dallas SEO Geek


When Will SEO Die?

Dallas SEO Geek http://www.dallasseogeek.com David Have you ever read an article about why SEO is dying?  I know I have read too many to count. I shot a video describing when I think Search Engine Optimization will die and why: The gist of what I say in the video is that you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for SEO to die!  For many businesses it will be an investment that will pay them back for decades to come. When will Google die? Have you stopped searching on the internet for things suddenly? Are less and less people getting access to computers and the internet? Yes, sometimes you have to adjust your plan for ranking well in the search engines. However, this is true for almost every business in most of its endeavors!  If you’re not constantly making your business better, you’re falling behind. I digress. Contact me if you’d like to discuss the long term value of SEO for your business.  

When Will SEO Die?

Is my 6 month old “Undying SEO Principles” still valid? |

Dallas SEO Geek http://www.dallasseogeek.com David

I just re-watched this old video of mine talking about undying or core search engine optimization concepts or principles:

I have grown in my SEO abilities a great amount in the last 6 months, but all of these have held true and appear to be holding true for a long time to come!

If you have not watched the video yet, I suggest you do so now!

Shhh…there are SEO secrets in the video!



Is my 6 month old “Undying SEO Principles” still valid? |

Most Effective SEO Tactics

Dallas SEO Geek http://www.dallasseogeek.com David

In the following video, I answer the common question: What are the most effective/powerful/expedient/wonderful SEO Techniques?

Here’s a screenshot:

Most Effective SEO Tactics

Hint, it starts with the simple, but powerful On Page SEO basics:

Just like many other disciplines, the fundamentals of organic search engine optimization are critical!

Most Effective SEO Tactics

How to SEO Your WordPress Website – Search Engine Optimization & Insider Secrets

How to SEO Your WordPress Website – Search Engine Optimization & Insider Secrets

http://ift.tt/1uWtWgL for more videos & online marketing training – In this video I walk through how to SEO (Search Engine Optimize) each page within your WordPress website for maximum visibility. Step-by-step instructions on how best to organically improve rankings in Google & other search engines.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Level: Intermediate
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Date Created: March 12, 2010
Length of Class: 60 Minutes

Web Marketing

Proficiency Creating Websites
Purpose of Class

This class teaches students how to design their websites so that they achieve higher Google Page Rank.
Topics Covered

Why Google Matters
What is SEO
Page Speed
Internal Links
Google Web Master Tools
Class Notes

SEO — Search Engine Optimization — Means building your website so that Google’s robots can understand it easier
Good SEO translates to free advertising on Google
Only Google really matters… Yearly traffic for EliTheComputerGuy.com = Google 18,475, Yahoo 321, Bing 287
What you should have
Google Webmaster tools
Local Business Center
About content
Create Content that regular people like
Write as much TEXT as possible
Google does not understand Flash/Pictures/Videos
XML Site Maps
Tell robots what is important on your site
Can be created by hand, using a script, or automatically
One way links to your site from other sites
The more prominent the site the more significant the backlink is
Page Speed
The speed which your pages load will be counted towards Page Rank soon.
Internal Links
Do not use relative links
Page titles matter
WordPress is allows you to do SEO automatically and easily

Google Web Master Tools
Google Business Local
XML-Sitemaps.com — Automatically Creates Sitemaps
Google Web Master Channel

from Dallas SEO Geek | Dallas SEO Geek http://ift.tt/164J6Yx